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Why the Gonstead System of Chiropractic is different.

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Chiropractic is defined as ‘done by hand’ by its founder DD Palmer. It has been practiced for more than a century. It has had many colourful characters. Many practitioners creating their own ‘style’ of delivering the hands-on adjustment that we now refer to as ‘technique’. Some believe that as many as 200 different techniques have developed over time.

Dr Clarence S Gonstead created a specific technique. While his career and life are very interesting it is his legacy that has stood the test of time.


A technique can be defined as “a way of carrying out a particular task or the execution or performance of an artistic work or scientific procedure”. A chiropractic ‘technique’ is the execution or delivery of an adjustment. A hands-on application of force on a spinal joint to restore normal function. It requires a specific skill set which includes hand-eye co-ordination, timing, control, speed etc. This is similar to a golfers swing. But, as most golfers know, there is more to the game than how one swings a club.


A System can be defined as “a set of principles or procedures according to which something is done”. A chiropractic system is a methodical process involving the technique and the reason for applying the technique.

The Gonstead System

The Gonstead System of chiropractic is more than ‘how’ to adjust the human spine. Dr Gonstead would say “FIND IT, ACCEPT IT WHERE YOU FIND IT, FIX IT AND LEAVE IT ALONE”. This approach requires a great deal of understanding and skill before the Chiropractor can even deliver the adjustment or technique.

Because the Gonstead System is methodical, it is also repeatable. This provides a higher level of consistency than simply applying a technique. The processes of this system have a flow that is logical and rigorous. It starts with assessing the patients presenting complaint and their symptoms. Then noting other various relevant signs through physical examination. With the use of instruments and images the practitioner can formulate an impression of the underlying cause. Then this leads to the most appropriate way to correct it.

The Gonstead System has a unique idiom or phrase set. This is used to describe the chiropractor’s determination, via the examination processes, to be the underlying problem.  This same phrase set is also used to imply the adjustment required to correct it.

Gonstead Chiropractors over many years have used this same system. The Chiropractor draws from the hundreds of thousands of applications of the system.  The Gonstead System of Chiropractic has a wealth of knowledge compiled regarding the results obtained through using .

The Gonstead System is unique when compared to other technique. It has a set of processes that are repeatable, logical and very predictable.. This of course contributes to the desired outcome – superb results for patients.

The Gonstead System of Chiropractic makes the difference.

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