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3 things I recommend you never do at the gym to avoid injury.

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Avoid injury at the gym.

If you have decided that this year you plan to start at the gym there are things that I recommend you never do so you can avoid injury.

I know how much some people like to do their favorite routines at the gym, BUT there are some downright dangerous activities that will destroy your low back (L5 disc in particular).


Here are the 3 most destructive.

1 Russian twist – recumbent medicine ball rotations.

This type of motion applies the most damaging load pattern through the lowest vertebral disc. This is really no better for you than lifting heavy objects without bending your knees!

2 Situps.

These are unsafe and often cause pain. Considering that there are many better alternatives just don’t do these.

3 Dead lifts

Well these are OKĀ  if you can do them well. But because you are only starting back at the gym these should only be performed with someone spotting your form. This is to avoid injury.

That said, there are so many safe routines to do and if you want help talk to a good personal trainer.

And remember that no matter what age you are or how active you are get your spine checked before you start any new exercise program.

This will give you the best chance of avoiding any disasters.

At Knox Chiropractic we are all about you getting the most out of life. And to do this you must care for your body. You should understand what you should and should NOT do.

Because your health is worth it.

If you have any more questions why not give us a call 02 9630 1049

Below is a link to a complete video from Dr Stuart McGill who has been researching lower back injury for almost 25 years if you are interested.

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