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3 ways to treat Headaches without medication


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Headaches come in many types and forms. They are very familiar to most people. But they all have a cause.

The most common form presents as pain at the back of the head and neck usually toward  the end of the day. We call that a tension headache. Pain above the cheek beside the nose and/or above the eyebrow and associated with flu/virus or hay fever are more likely sinus headache. Stress headaches can develop from clenching your teeth or TMJ disorders and can refer pain up the side of the head. Other types are hormonal headache, eye strain headache, rebound headache and of course migraines.

Most tension Headaches respond to light massage around the base of the head, neck and shoulders. Ice therapy can also reduce symptoms when applied correctly to the neck and head. Pain relief will more than likely cover the symptoms temporarily.

Long standing recurring Headaches are often more likely not nasty and much more likely to be the result of poor posture and bad biomechanics in the upper back and neck. These headaches are relatively simple to assess and usually respond well to care. Some people ask “do headaches cause fatigue?” or “do allergies cause headache?” These questions can only really be fully addressed at a examination of the patient.

That said, if a headache is the result of poor posture and upper back dysfunction it may be wise to have your spine professional assessed and get to the underlying cause naturally.

A chiropractor is well placed to help.

If you are taking analgesics on a regular basis, and your GP has nothing more to offer, and the other treatments that you have tried have been at best temporary, then it’s time to try chiropractic. And if you’ve seen a chiropractor before without result, why not try a Gonstead Chiropractor.

Because your health is worth it.

If you have any more questions why not give us a call

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