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5 home stretches after Sitting at work

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Common Posture Problems

Our backs were not designed to spend long periods of time sitting at desks which is a common feature of many work environments.

As a result of spending six to eight hours a day in front of a computer, workers can suffer shoulder, arm, hand and neck problems, as well as issues with balance and coordination.

One study has found that over 45% of office workers experience neck pain. Back problems are a big contributor to lost productivity in the workplace. This is because of working in the same position for extended periods.

Forward Head Posture
Forward head posture is the most common postural defect found in computer operators.

Round Shoulders
Round Shoulders is distinguished by the hunched over appearance it creates. This posture is associated with office workers and computer operators.

Rotated Hips
Rotate hips are caused by holding a poor position for a long period of time.  Also activities like sitting at your desk twisting to write while looking at the computer.

Correcting Posture

Postural issues may be corrected, and reversed.

I have talked about at-work activities to help office workers and those working in an environment that requires a lot of desk and computer work.

The 3 most common postural problems are forward head carriage, rounded shoulders and rotated hips. Use these stretches to specifically target correction of these common postural problems.

These stretches are easily done at home when you can’t get to a gym. They take only minutes to do.

Mackenzie – lower back

Superman – upper back forward head posture and lowerback

Cat cow – full spine

Side bends – full spine

Wall angels – rounded shoulders and upper back forward head posture


If these routines give any discomfort or are difficult to perform you may need your spine checked.

Difficulty stretching can result from a reduction in flexibility. This could be from poor spinal joint function.  This is not a muscle problem this is a joint problem. This is where chiropractic can help restore joint function and improve biomechanics that allow better support for a better posture.



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