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How To Get Better Sleep



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Sleep is a reparative time for the body especially the spine.

Research suggests that the quality is better judged by the way you feel when you wake up rather than the length of sleep.

Deep sleeping allows the autonomic (automatic) nervous system to do its job. This is the repair system and why good deep sleeping is so important to health.

So for those who sleep well ‘good for you’ literally.

And for those who do NOT and want to get better sleep here are a fell tips that may help.

Tips to sleeping better.

– get a few minutes of early morning sun on your face to start the day and some good sun exposure during the day.

– get some amount of regular exercise preferable daily and before dark.

– keep regular sleeping and waking hours. This helps yolk your circadian rhythm better to the daylight hours.

– reduce technology use and other stimulants 2hrs before bed. To help stop over stimulation.

– take a warm shower 1-2 hrs before bed. This has a relaxing effect.

– make sure your room is dark. Once in bed don’t use lights again if possible.

– eat as close to dusk as possible, late eating requires digestion when the gut should be at rest.

– reduce the room temperature. Optimal temp is between 16-20 C

– At sundown, dim your lights or use amber-colored glasses to avoid a delay in melatonin secretion. Melatonin is the sleep hormone.  

Get your spine checked. 

If you are not sleeping well and you believe your mattress and pillow are good then you may need your spine checked.

Spinal joint alignment is important and while pain may not be evident the result may be an over stimulated nervous system keeping you from deep quality sleep.

This is where chiropractic can help.

If you have any more questions why not give us a call.

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