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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome




Hand and wrist pains are quite common and are often concerning. People are often worried that symptoms may last for ever and loss of normal function will affect the way they live.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is NOT the only condition that causes tingling in the fingers.

In fact, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is one of the most commonly misdiagnosed conditions that we see in clinic.

Numbness in the hand can often be quite concerning and rather debilitating.

While carpal tunnel syndrome is caused by compression of the MEDIAN NERVE at the CARPAL TUNNEL (in the wrist) the median nerve can be affected at any location through its path.

Other areas that can cause numbness/tingling in the fingers are:

  • elbow
  • forearm
  • shoulder
  • neck


Find the cause!

At Knox chiropractic a thorough examination of the areas likely to contribute to hand symptoms will be conducted to expose the underlying cause. Repetitive activities aggravate an existing underlying dysfunction leading to the presentation of symptoms. Our role is to find it and restore function and allow the body to heal correctly.

Some Home help.

  1. Start by taking regular breaks.
  2. Avoid aggravating activities. Especially excessive bending either way at wrist.
  3. Use a splint at night to limit unusual movements.
  4. Apply ice – 10mins on 20mins off often.
  5. Stretching forearm muscles if required and light release of the carpal tunnel fascia.


What are the best available treatments for carpal tunnel?

Always explore non-invasive options first. Most times a surgical option is not warranted if symptoms are properly addressed early.

The return of normal wrist function and removal of upper arm/neck involvement will usually restore nerve function reduce and remove symptoms. Advice regarding how to avoid activities that are likely to aggravate symptoms and following home help remedies will ensure this condition resolves and any potential relapse is avoided.

So if you or someone you know is experiencing carpal tunnel syndrome or wrist pain or hand numbness and tingling why not get a thorough examination to get to the underlying cause.

If you have any more questions give us a call or check out our web site.

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