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Leg cramps – What causes them?


Leg cramps and achy muscles in the legs is quite common.
The cramps usually occur during sleep and may cause you to wake up in the middle of the night.
Some people get leg cramps during increased activity like sports or jogging.

Well, what causes these cramps?

Causes can include medications, some specific medical conditions, lack of adequate hydration and a lack of some essential minerals.
Some experts believe a chronic lack of magnesium is to blame.
While activities during the day like running or playing sports could possibly cause a depletion in essential mineral levels, experiencing cramping at night with no increase in activity probably isn’t due to low magnesium alone if your diet is sufficient.

So what can be done?

Start by ruling out some easy possible causes. Check the meds you may be taking for side effects, keep a check on you H2O intake, stretch and if you think your diet may be inadequate try taking some essential minerals like a magnesium supplement. If this resolves the cramps, all is good. If not, you may need some further help.

Almost all of the patients I see with leg cramps have a lower back/pelvic dysfunction. It is fairly easy to assess clinically and after treatment it usually resolves without much fuss.

So if you or someone you know has been suffering leg cramps or leg pains, understand that it’s not normal and Chiropractors are well placed to help with this condition.

Why not have your spine and pelvis assessed by a professional and get any treatment you may required to help you be your best.

So if you want to use an approach that gets to the underlying cause why not give us a call.

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