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First visit

Your first visit is where we want to get to the bottom of your problem. Please watch the following clip.

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Your first visit will involve some paperwork, including specific questions to give us background information to your presenting complaint. We need this to get to the underlying cause of your pain.

If required we will take spinal, standing X-rays in our on-site X-ray facility. X-rays are a very useful diagnostic tool for the Gonstead Chiropractor.

During your first visit we will check your general health.  Also we will use other tests such as orthodeadic tests, structural analysis and any muscle tests and neurological tests as required. Following this a treatment specific to your case will be determined. The chiropractor will discuss this treatment with you, talk you through any X-ray findings and answer any further questions you may have.

This first visit will take approximately 1 hour. It is important for us to spend quality time with our patients in gathering the right information that brings about the correct diagnosis and therefore the most successful treatment available.

where to from here

At all subsequent visits we will re-assess you, before proceeding with your treatment. We will ensure we identify any changes and healing your body is making so that continued treatment is compatible with these changes. We want your bodies normal functions restored as soon as possible.