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(TMJ) Clicking and jaw pain when chewing.

July 5, 2017

    Jaw pain or at least ‘clicking’ when chewing is common. The clicking occurs in the TMJ (temporo mandibular joint) just near the ear canal. Pain may or may not be present. Neither clicking or pain is normal. While the sound may seem benign, the long term effect on the TMJ can be serious. […]

This is Knox Chiropractic’s 13th year serving the Northmead Community

January 5, 2017
Knox Chiropractic

13th year serving the Northmead Community In 2005 The Gonstead System came to Northmead.  Dr Stuart Knox set up his Knox Chiropractic practice in 2 Beamish Road Northmead NSW 2152 to serve the local community. 13 years later Dr Stuart is still the Chiropractor of choice for those wanting to experience the Gonstead System of […]

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